Christmas crafting day 243: All #cacti must go! I’m planting everybody that’s left into adorable little cactus gardens. Great gifts & a great deal right now at Also totally in ? with my #vintagestyle #UnionSquareDonuts enamel ware work mug!

every good plant deserves a home for the holidays!! Come grab whatever’s left this weekend- plus lots of #Terrarium & #airplants too! #shoplocal #unionsquarema

wreath sale!!

Christmas crafting Day 123: just a few of the floral arrangements I’ve made this season! And there are plenty more for this weekend ???

Sowa Market for the Chrismukkah Holiday Fair!

Fancy Bits and Bobs

Truckload #3!

Holding onto the last little bits of fall! Christmas trees are IN but there’s still plenty of pumpkins too ????? Open 9-7ish and then 9-9 after Thanksgiving!!

I’m all set up at for you to Make-Your-Own Floral Centerpiece or Bouquet!! Come by anytime Friday through Tuesday & come see me in the Tropical Loft!! #DIY #flowerbuffet

I planted a neon pink crocodile today. #dreamjob #longlostlizard at

Welcome to Ricky’s!

We are Closed for the Winter...See you in the Spring!